viernes, 19 de febrero de 2016

Portfolio: Eliad Cohen

Eliad Cohen, thank you for your repertoire of expressions instead of the insistent glare of many other contemporary male "beauties." Thank you for occasionally smiling instead of projecting the unvaried "I'm beautiful and you're not, eat shit and die, motherfuckers" attitude of SO many others. Nothing to me is as truly attractive as the beautiful and welcoming spirit that infuses all the photos of your truly spectacular face and body.
No wonder gay guys like me, who don't fit this image, have such a low self image when guys like him are promoted as the ideal. "Look like me or no one will find you sexy". 

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Mariano Lelez dijo...

Ejemplo gay si los hay, en todo sentido.

Jorge dijo...

Me gusta esta pagina

Jorge dijo...

REVELACIONES: A pelo y sin culpas?

REVELACIONES: A pelo y sin culpas?
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